Computer Repair:

Whether your software crashes or your computer won't even turn on…when your system is down, you want to get it up and running as soon as possible without breaking the bank.

When we can, we will tell you how to fix the problem over the phone; when it can't be done over the phone, we'll either fix it on-site or pick-up your computer and return it good-as-new to minimize your downtime.

System Upgrades:

When in the process of repairing a broken computer or upgrading to a new one, some people forget that there are still parts of the old system that work just fine and don't need to be replaced.

Re-using these parts can eliminate unnecessary waste and save you some cash.

For instance, there's no need to replace the DVD drive or get a new computer case just because your motherboard crashed, but this is what happens when someone goes out and buys a brand new system instead just upgrading or replacing the relevant part(s).

How much you save depends on what you already have and what you are getting, but many people will save $100 or more by focusing on component specific upgrades.

Northern-Link will sit down with you to determine what the goal of your upgrade is, and figure out what the most business-savvy decision is using a combination of new and existing materials.

Home & Small Business Networks:

In its most basic capacity, a network allows multiple computers to connect to each other. Networks also have the capability of allowing shared access to the internet, peripheral devices such as a printer, documents, pictures, videos, and other files.

Your network sets the tone for your ability to access files from different computers or devices and collaborate with other people both locally and remotely.

Northern-Link will work with you to determine the information sharing needs of your home or small business. We will build your new network integrating each device, implementing user and group level access control where appropriate, and training you and/or your employees on how to use the product to maximize efficiency.

Data Security:

The security of your data is determined by components in two categories: hardware and network.

The hardware aspect is determined by the quality of both the individual components in your system and of the back-up of your data. This is ensured by using parts from long-standing, reputable companies and a back-up system that is straight-forward and efficient.

The network aspect is composed of a combination of your network's security against outside attacks from an intentional intruder or undirected software, appropriate user and group level access controls, and first and foremost, a strong password.

Northern-Link can help you configure your hardware to minimize the chance of failure and build a network which is both flexible and secure.

Virus & Malware Removal:

No one wants to have their privacy invaded or financial security threatened by a virus or malware on their computer, but sometimes it happens - even if you've been using a regular antivirus.

What makes matters worse is that many times the program which pops-up on your screen offering to remove the malicious software is the very one causing the problem. It can be difficult to tell the difference between programs like "Vista Home Security", "PC Speed", and "Rebate Informer" and others programs like "Super Anti-Spyware", "Spybot Search & Destroy", and "Windows Defender".

Do you know which of the above programs are okay to be on your computer, which ones are a part of windows, or which are trying to steal from you?

As a part of our services we not only remove the malware from your computer and help to recover any files that may have been corrupted.

As a part of the services we provide, we will not only remove the malicious software on your computer and attempt to recover any damaged files, but also review with you how the infection may have happened, steps you can take in the future to prevent an infection, and what you can do if your computer is infected to minimize the damage the virus or malware causes.

Back-up & Recovery:

Whether it's your family's pictures, years of personal and financial documents, or company files, you want the peace of mind to know the information on your computer is going to be there when you want it. Personal and business computers alike need to make sure that they have adequate back-up for those unexpected moments when a computer crashes.

Northern-Link will work with you to determine what type of back-up is appropriate for your needs including evaluating the differences between a simple file backup, integrated redundancy, and off-site storage. We will explain your new tools and provide any training needed to use them.

If you have already experienced a system crash and are trying to recover your files, in many cases of software corruption Northern-Link can rescue your data or, in cases of physical hard drive damage, can contract with a third-party.

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